What is Hydroseeding?

Hydroseeding is a fast and cost-effective way of establishing new lawns. Hydroseeding involves a mixture of grass seed, water, paper/wood mulch and fertiliser. It is then sprayed with high-quality equipment over your prepared lawn area.

Opting for spray-on lawn aids in retaining moisture in your soil, leading to faster and more even germination of the grass seed. It also helps reduce dust whilst the lawn is growing!

Hydroseeding can be a part of your new landscape design. Chat to one of our team members today to know more.

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Hydroseeding vs. Instant Turf

Instant turf (also known as sod) is a great option for those who need a lawn in a hurry. But for people with a bit more time flexibility, hydroseeding is perfect.

The benefits of hydroseeding include:

  • 60-75% cheaper than roll-out lawn
  • High moisture retention
  • Fast and even germination
  • Keeps dust down to a minimum
  • Reduced loss of topsoil

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How Long Will It Take?

Hydroseeded lawns will begin to germinate in as little as 5-7 days in the right conditions. Most grass types take 3-4 weeks to fill out and up to as much as 8 weeks to see strong development of the grass.

Unsure how long hydroseeding might take in your unique garden? Contact one of our team members today.

The team at One Square Rate provide a professional and efficient hydroseeding service. We have used their service countless times and have never been disappointed.

Jeremy - Landscaper, Christchruch


Guaranteed To Grow

We stand by the quality of our product 100%. We are so confident in our work that we guarantee the results of our hydroseeding service, provided the area is properly cared for and not affected by extreme acts of nature (torrential rain, hail, snow).

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